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Patient Testimonials & Reviews

Below is a selection of historical testimonials and reviews from patients. Further testimonials can be read on doctify.com.

Testimonials & Reviews

“Dr Levy is a caring, listening professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend him! I was quite nervous about my first consultation with him as I usually see one of his colleagues, who is, at present, on compassionate leave, however, I was immediately put at ease. I have nothing further to add as greater care could not have been taken.”

“Dr Levy is always totally professional in his manner, always clearly explains all aspects of the intervention required. I feel reassured and confident in the care I am receiving and would not hesitate to highly recommend him as an excellent Consultant Cardiologist. His personal approach is very pleasant and understanding of my needs.”

“I was referred to Doctor Levy by a Consultant Cardiologist at The Royal Brompton Hospital in London when I retired to West Yorkshire. I had been a private patient at The Royal Brompton for a number of years , with a complex medical history. At my first appointment with Doctor Levy at the BMI Alexandra Hospital, Doctor Levy put me at ease straightaway, talking through my concerns and issues and ensuring follow up.

I have now been a patient of Doctor Levy for three years. Doctor Levy has always addressed my cardiological concerns and issues in a personalised way including how they might interact with my other conditions, ensuring that his recommendations are followed up promptly and communicated as necessary to my GP and other Consultants who treat my other conditions. Doctor Levy responds to queries and concerns that I might have in between appointments which is also very reassuring and appreciated. Doctor Levy has an excellent Secretary who is always helpful. I am very glad that I was referred to Doctor Levy and very much appreciate continuing to be under his excellent care.”

“I had an initial consultation with Dr Levy which was a very positive experience. He has a friendly manner and communicated effectively in a clear and concise way without using jargon. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Dr Levy.”

“Dr Levy has been looking after me for a number of years and he is an excellent doctor and I have no hesitation in recommending him. He has a great manner and takes the time to talk through and explain the various treatment options in a way that's easy to understand. I see Dr Levy on a regular basis once every 3/4 months and he provides the reassurance for me to know that my well being is in good hands.”

“Dr Levy has been monitoring my heart condition, including its pacemaker, for about ten years. I have always felt confident of his professional knowledge and skills and he has communicated well and in language I can understand. He has counselled me well through gradual deterioration owing to age and now that my heart's performance is failing, has recommended the TAVI procedure to improve my lifestyle. I look forward to its operation.”

“My first consultation with Dr Richard Levy was in December 2008 when AF was diagnosed. I have received excellent treatment and care from Dr Levy since that time and visit him annually to monitor my ongoing health. Dr Levy is very professional in all his work and always keen to discuss any health problems I may have. He is very friendly and makes me feel comfortable at his consulting room. Also I must mention Mary Gagon his secretary who provides a very efficient back up service. I cannot think of anything to improve on the first class service provided by Dr Levy.”

“Dr Levy is a highly experienced consultant with extensive and up to date knowledge. As a patient, I have been particularly delighted at the way he seeks to really understand what one is experiencing before exploring a variety of options for treatment. He is very thorough and explains extremely clearly the pros and cons of different options. There is a nice balance of guiding whilst still allowing the individual to make an informed and personal decision.”

Above is a selection of historical testimonials from patients. Further testimonials can be read on doctify.com.

And even reviews can be found at iwantgreatcare.org.

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