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Transthoracic Echo Cardiogram

The standard echo (transthoracic echo cardiogram) uses ultrasound to look at the structure and function of the heart. It takes about 20 minutes and is performed as an outpatient. It is painless and safe.

A hand-held ultrasound probe is moved over the front of the chest wall to produce images of the beating heart on a monitor. The size and shape of the various heart chambers can be seen, together with the movement of the heart valves.

A vast amount of information can be produced, which helps greatly with the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of heart conditions. The image shows a normal echo.

Echo showing 3D image of mitral valve
Echo showing a leaking mitral valve
Echo showing clot in the right heart
Echo showing impaired left ventricular function

Trans Oesophageal Echocardiogram (TOE)

For some conditions it may be advised to have a TOE which involves some sedation while performing an echo study via the oesophagus.

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